Series Details Edit

Exclusive for Wizard World Las Vegas 2015 - Explore event editions of rare artwork from ten NeonMob art collections.

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Special Notes Edit

Wizard World is an annual comic convention that takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada. Promotional packs for this Set were given out at this convention in 2015. It is only possible to collect this set through these packs (or by trading with those who received them).

The prints in this set are made up of prints from other popular NeonMob series, so regular users are not missing out on anything by not having access to the set. Each print has a small bar along the bottom of the image, with a NeonMob logo and "Wizard World Las Vegas 2015" on it. Each of the prints is given a rarity of Extremely Rare and limited to 999 copies.

The cover art for this set is by Raul Urias.

Related Series Edit

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