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The saying goes, "Stop and smell the roses." No one ever suggests you "Stop and have a chat with Jack Frost."

In the winter, when one runs to their car, they barely take enough time to scrape the ice and snow away from their windows before driving away. Every night Winter's brush strokes create curious crystal images. Here are some samples of Winter's handiwork.

As I have only photographed these works, not created them, I merely act as a reporter or documentarian simply sharing the works Winter effortlessly brings forth. My car is the inspiration and chosen canvas for this volume. Because Winter is the artist and I am only documenting the work, the titles of the works may not reflect Winter's intentions, assuming Winter has any intentions. I tried to do as little manipulation as possible to these photos. Since most of these were taken around 8:00 AM with overcast skies, I had to adjust brightness, contrast and sharpness on a few of these, but again as little as possible. I am no professional photographer, these photos were taken by someone just stopping to have a chat with Jack Frost.

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