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In the 1980's, a scientist named Walter Johnson spent his time developing nanotechnology in a secluded laboratory in the Canadian woods. Shortly after hiring a brilliant grad student by the name of Stanley Welles to help him, Walter discovered a wormhole which opened unto a parallel universe, where he and Stanley's nemeses, Salter and Wanley, had already succeeded in developing nanotechnology, and they used it in order to prevent Walter and Stanley from studying their universe, known as "universe B." Walter and Stanley, calling themselves "the team," had been developing a catalogue of experiments for months after opening the wormhole door, and after meeting their enemies in universe B, sought to develop nanotechnology to be used to destroy those enemies and therefore clear the alternate universe for scientific study. Walter and Stanley's scientific catalogue, officially known as "Walter's Experiments," was a sequence of experiments organized into letter-labelled series, which focused on developing nanotechnology and finding means of travel and protection in the alternate universe. The catalogue is organized into twenty sets of five experiments each, since Walter believed that if a scientific idea could not be achieved within five experiments, then it should be discarded and forgotten, and indeed, many ideas never made it into this catalogue. From Series A to Series T, the team made some of the most important discoveries in nanotechnology to date, and ever since this catalogue was published, it has been hailed again and again as a work of unprecedented genius.

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