Series Details Edit

A small collection of weird RPG themed pictures in a weird RPG world that might not be making any sense at all.

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Cards in this SeriesEdit

Core CardsEdit

4 Common (1000 prints each)

  • Evil Minion
  • First Boss
  • Persistent Minion
  • Powerful Minion

4 Uncommon (650 prints each)

  • Dungeon Gate
  • Hero
  • Remains
  • Sidekick

2 Rare (400 prints each)

  • Tavern Girl
  • The Nemesis

1 Very Rare (300 prints)

  • Amazing Mount

1 Extremely Rare (200 prints)

  • The Rival

Special CardsEdit

1 Chase (200 prints)

  • Sidekick Portrait

3 Variant (print counts vary)

  • Hero - Alternate Costume (300 prints)
  • Sidekick Portrait - Animated (100 prints)
  • The Rival - Alternate Costume (125 prints)

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