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Gladsburg was once a marvelous city, an urban palace of unprecedented opulence and splendor at the center of the Eastern world. The city was most famous for its cluster of glittering skyscrapers which stood between two bright rivers, baking in the sun. The skyline of Gladsburg was legendary, but unbeknownst to almost all, the city was powered by nuclear energy. Gladsburg's secret power plant lay hidden deep beneath the earth, in caverns with once sturdy walls, but which by then were fragile and decayed. One day those walls cracked open, and terrible radiation leaked into the city above. Strangely, the radiation had a gender-specific effect on the city's population, killing all except for fifty young women, many of whom were endowed with strange, non human abilities. Each of these women is now famous, for each of them was poisoned, and each of them survived.

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