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The country of Eldera is an ancient and beautiful place. It is a forest country, meaning that the entirety of its geography is covered in thick jungle, from the heart of its capital, Grensara, to its borders, which are shared with multiple smaller nations. Eldera is filled with hundreds of species of equally intelligent and self-aware beings from all over its mysterious lands, all of whom have worked together for millennia to create one of the most fascinating cultures in the universe.

Although it is an ancient society rooted in tribal customs, Eldera is run by a modern, tricameral government system, which consists of a military house (The Defense Council), a government house (The High Council), and a religious house (The Arbiter Council). Each of the thirty members serving in these three houses possesses his or her own unique story, and if one yearns to truly understand Eldera, then one must begin by learning these stories.

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