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In a far far away land, there is a place where everyone is a Queen. Every innocent girly desire is indulge. Everyone is friends, hence differences only stress out each other's uniqueness.

♥Lauvh - Queens' land name. Composed by two kingdoms. The Realff which is ruled by Quin Ravaah and Quin Shaah ruling the Holly Mauv.

♥Queens - Inhabitants of Lauvh. They came from a tree called Traska. They are created through offering a prayer to Guardians everyday by an older Queen who wants to have her own little Queen. If a prayer is granted, the tree bears a fruit.

♥Mones - chosen Queens that are Monochromes by birth, they are the eyes and voice of Guardians. Guardians' wishes and gratitudes for the people of Lauvh are passed through them and will be executed by the Quin a Mone serves (usually there's only three Mones in a generation).

♥Quin - Laav is divided into two kingdoms, each kingdom is ruled by a Quin. You have to be selected by the Guardians to be a Quin,(but no one knows how Guardians do the selection of the next Quin, not even Mones) because of this They are blessed with very long span of life and special ability given by the Guardian themselves.

♥Guardians - Only a Mone can speak to a Guardian through dreams. They are the ones who protect and manipulate everything that's in Lauvh. Every guardian has their own part to protect. They never open their eyes, because it's their way of balancing everything under their protection and avoid wrong verdict.

♥Ceremony - a gathering to acknowledge the Guardians' message for the Queens of Lauvh. Mones are put to solemn to properly receive the Guardians blessings and messages.

♥Wanderland - is the feast day where all Queens gather to celebrate and gives gratitude towards the Guardians for having a prosperous life in Lauvh.

♥Traska -the tree where all Queens came from. Queens are the fruit of this tree and is under the protection of Uska; the Guardian of Forest.

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