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In the year 2122, the world as we know it has become, well, a whole new world, expanded in size by thousands of times when, during the middle of the century, aliens from across the galaxy made contact with earth's central governments. These aliens, or, to be politically correct, extraterras, have integrated themselves into various earthling cultures, just has many humans have integrated themselves into extraterra societies throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. On earth in England, things have taken a turn for the worst, as Britain's constitutional monarchy/parliamentary system has been replaced by a collection of criminal groups, known as "Chambers." Only a few Chambers are legitimate organizations, the rest are known as Clangs, or war gangs, composed almost entirely of criminals, human and extraterra alike. Discover the ways of the future in the faces and stories of these 98 Chamber members, and witness how the world has changed . . . for better or worse.

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