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Oh, hello! How are you? Isn't it weird to be reading a text that talk to you? Yeah, I'm Paulo, the artist of this page. I was wanting to fil this page with information, but I don't like to write about myself in the third person, it's weird for me, I feel like I'm a wikipedia editor, so formal.

Some basic information: I'm a brazilian artist (have always lived here in Brazil) and I was born at 2000. I'm also know as P-Graner in other plataforms, such as dA. I have always drawed, creatures mostly, since my childhood and I'm self thaught, look how amazing! I consider myself more of a creature designer, since I like so much to draw monsters, after all 2 out of my 3 favorite artists are creature designers and I have always loved to draw creatures.

About NeonMob and Me (<3): I got to now NeonMob with a Vsauce3 video (How big is Snapchat) around july 2015, I was excited with this idea of trading digital card and I wanted to be part of it, so I applied a drawing ( to try my chance of being invited to do a series, as you can see I was invited. When I saw the invitation was very excited, all in all this was my first more serious play as an artist. This is how I met NeonMob. I really think that it is a wonderful site and it made me know some quite interesting people.

The future: I plan to keep on with NeonMob series, right now it's kind of impossible to make any new series, because I'm working as an animator in a local animation studio. I have many many series in my head that I would love to do, but both I and you need to wait for these series!

Series by Paulo Victor Graner Edit

Series with Prints by Paulo Victor Graner Edit

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