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Ten years ago I created a picture book called “Oakreation: Natural and Supernatural World of Uzice” which described mysterious events that led to the arrival of Green Man in my hometown. It was a book of imaginary creatures and real places. In the meantime, some of those places were changed, some ceased to exist. The Holy Swamp is dried out and a parking lot stands in its place. Characters of the book, on the other hand, grew more and more real. The paper edition was spread like spores among local folks, few copies reached far away destinations. But the idea was growing steadily and never left those who have seen it. The Green Man existed in human mythology from pagan ages, and this kind of super hero - one who takes care of the nature and its creatures is someone we need more than ever. That is why, after almost a decade, I will try to summon him once again.

This Neonmob Green edition consists of two sections. The main set is the whole story, revived and polished, sprinkled with some brand new pieces. Second set of variants presents the book in its original (paper book edition). For readers' convenience Uzice was translated to Wired City

All material, containing photographs, scans, sketches, drawings, digital artwork and text is authors' creation and property.

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