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NeonMob is an art print collecting and trading site. It works a lot like trading cards, only on a virtual website instead of in the real world. Artists arrange their artwork into sets (or series) made up of a number of prints. Each of these prints is only available in a set number of copies, which designates how rare the print is within the series it's a part of. Users get 10 free packs of trading "cards" or art prints per day, of their own choosing. The site also allows users to buy additional packs with credits - a NeonMob exclusive currency purchasable with real world money. In addition, free packs of specific sets can be collected through NeonMob's social media accounts and directly from the artists of the sets, themselves. Through opening packs and trading with others, users strive to complete their own collections of the art that personally appeals to them!

The Purpose of This Wiki Edit

Since NeonMob is a website devoted to collecting and appreciating exclusive art prints, this Wiki is NOT intended to catalog or display the art prints themselves, as that would take away from the very site we're trying to support. Instead, this Wiki will catalog the general details and stats of NeonMob's many different series, as well as the series creators and the general mechanics of the site. Only the pack cover from each set is to be uploaded here. Any other images that are uploaded from sets will be deleted immediately without warning. No copyright infringement is intended against NeonMob itself or any of the creators.

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