Series Details Edit

Late one night, Allison Brine wakes up to see a door appear in her room. The door comes every night and only opens when she's turned away from it. What's behind the door, and where did it come from? These questions will drive Sawyer and possibly her friends to the depths of madness and their worst fears.

Collect the characters in this set of dark tarot card themed images exclusive to NeonMob.

Follow the stop-motion series My Bedroom Door on YouTube!

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Cards in this Series Edit

Core Cards Edit

8 Common (2000 prints each)

  • Chariot
  • Hanged
  • Judgement
  • Priestess
  • Strength
  • Sun
  • Temperance
  • Tower

5 Uncommon (1300 prints each)

  • Emperor
  • Empress
  • Hierophant
  • Lovers
  • Moon

3 Rare (800 prints each)

  • Hermit
  • Justice
  • Magician

3 Very Rare (600 prints each)

  • Devil
  • Fool
  • Wheel Of Fortune

3 Extremely Rare (400 prints each)

  • Death
  • Star
  • World

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