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The word ‘animal’ comes from the Latin word animalis, meaning ‘having breath’ and ‘having soul.’ In Kingdom Animalia, award-winning artist Bryan Holland celebrates the majesty of the animal world. Done in a style deserving of a natural history museum, these 60 artworks juxtapose the reigning beasts of our modern wild against flat, simple backdrops. The resulting images feel like portraits of future dinosaurs, an A-Z compendium of the legends of the Holocene.

The rarities of reach print corresponds to the threat of extinction to the species.

  • Common = least concern | 4000 prints available
  • Uncommon = near-threatened | 2600 prints available
  • Rare = vulnerable | 1600 prints available
  • Very rare = endangered | 1200 prints available
  • Extremely rare = critical | 800 prints available

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