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Childhood is a minefield.

Don't play in the street. Don’t drink poison. Don’t play with fire. Don’t put things in electrical outlets; and, don’t stick anything bigger than your elbow in your ear. These are just a few word of wisdom everyone has heard while navigating adolescence.

With SO many rules, written and unwritten, most days you were lucky you survived. 

KIDS WILL BE KIDS examines the intersection of childhood and impending apocalyptic disaster where one set of rules is replaced with another. In a disaster setting, no matter your age, your city, race or culture, you become that child again – learning the new rules of your transformed society and struggling to survive from day to day.

If you are a “quick change artist” and adapt to your surroundings, not only can you survive but your chances increase to write, or even re-write, the rules that govern all.

Style Note The core image of each card is based on a vintage alphabet card from the Czech Republic. The card was then stripped of any writing, cleaned up, enlarged and then glitched and pixel sorted using processes written by Reddit user u/teesel.

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