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Since 1920, football has grown into the most popular American sport. Being such an important aspect of American culture, and being a game with so many varied positions available, professional football attracts some of the toughest, most enduring, and most intelligent athletes on earth. Whether the game calls for the power of a linebacker, the agility of a wide receiver, or the smarts of a quarterback, the athletes who display these traits, and more, are training harder and harder every day while battling for recognition in one of the most competitive fields on earth. Indeed, American football is among the most important of the modern sports, and thus today's generation of professionals includes some of the best athletes ever to grace the field.

These icons represent the foundation of the game — and each is depicted in a unique graphic style that integrates an iconic image of their hometown.

Officially Licensed Product of National Football League Players Inc. ©2015

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This series is an officially licensed set, available through NeonMob's partnership with the NFLPA.

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