Series Details Edit

We have partnered with NeonMob to create our 2nd digital trading card series. This series is based from the actual comic story. Adam Z. Litvack founded Frombie in 2010 to create something fresh and appealing to the already known zombie era.

The company’s much sought-after collectible toy & collectible pins can only be found at Frombie's online store,, special events such as Comic-Con and in some select retailers worldwide! Within four years, Frombie has been nominated for best collaboration figure in the DTA 2013 (Designer Toy Awards), worked with some of the best talents in the industry and is now available in Walmart's nationwide with their back-to-school line! Frombie's interactive comic book app is now available in the Apple, Google and Kindle stores.

Join the growing friendly zombie community by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Stay tuned for more trading card releases!

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Special Notes Edit

This series is an officially licensed set, available through NeonMob's partnership with Frombie.

Related Series Edit

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