Series Details Edit

Welcome to Domo's home, the beautiful alpine forest where the air is fresh and the creatures are kind. Here Domo lives and enjoys himself throughout the year. Whether he’s eating supper with his wise old rabbit companion, Mr. Usaji, or watching the sunset alongside his weasel pal Tashanna, Domo always stays on the bright side of things, and he’s always caring for his friends. Domo loves any and all activities, from watching television to skiing to throwing parties and playing with snakes. He is a furry ball of joyous energy who’s always excited to make a new friend!

Domo © NHK-TYO 1998-2016. Domo Animation © Domo Production Committee. Domo likeness and logo are registered trademarks. All rights reserved. Licensed by Big Tent Entertainment.

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Special Notes Edit

This series is an officially licensed set, available through NeonMob's partnership with Domo Nation and Big Tent Entertainment.

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