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A planet in ruins. The legacy of a lost civilization might be a small group of cyborgs, scattered over this place. That's what some of them would like to believe, but the truth is that they don't know much about their existence.

They're aware of their condition, they've always been. It was the same for all of them. Their first memory consists on waking up from a dream. That's also the only time they had a dream. In fact, it's surprising how they understand that what they experienced was a dream.

Being born with full knowledge of things that feel like they were learned from experience. That felt so strange at the start, and it was odd, just because it didn't feel unusual. It was so natural and so artificial at the same time, as all of them were.

Knowing that you are part machine and part an organic creature is tough. A hybrid does not fully belong anywhere. But that also implies certain freedom. In this case, that freedom has made room for these hybrids of machine and men to have a unique essence. Individualism. Awareness of thy self. An awakening.

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