Series Details Edit

You've been abducted from your home planet, and are now in a strange alien world full of all sorts of bizarre creatures. It's now time to embark the first chapter of your quest to return home, chronicling the different fauna you'll meet along the way.

This is only the beginning of what the world of Munchabelly has in store - for more, check out the official website and blog at!

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Cards in this SeriesEdit

Core CardsEdit

3 Common (2000 prints each)

  • Duckcow
  • Rabbex
  • Swamptroll

3 Uncommon (1300 prints each)

  • Bornet
  • Macacao
  • Mandarinfrog

2 Rare (800 prints each)

  • Cobrantula
  • Poultranha

1 Very Rare (600 prints)

  • Pomegreevil

1 Extremely Rare (400 prints)

  • Flutterphant

Special Cards Edit

2 Chase (print counts vary)

  • Munchabelly Adult (200 prints)
  • Munchabelly Larva (800 prints)

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