Series Details Edit

Behold the Mushroom Kingdom, a never-ending world of mystery and enchantment. Under the midnight faerie sky, a vast arena of fungal appellations thrives and conquers!

Inspired by "Codex Fungi" by Jæn, members of the NeonMobster community collaborated to create this original "appendix" set. Artwork in this set was created by: Hanne Maes (@ranzigendanny), Elliot Greenwood (@elliotgreenwood), Terrasa Ulm (@tenu), Laurens Dik (@lostdutch), Lauren Schultz (@laurenschultz), and a few surprise guests. Thank you to Scott Soeder for the original cover art.

This set is available for a 24-hour period between November 21-22, 2013.

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Special Notes Edit

As the set description states, this series was only available over a 24-hour period. As such, each print is limited to how many prints were pulled by users during that period of time.

The art in this series was done by:

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