Series Details Edit

"Roll up! Roll up! Enter if you dare... The greatest show NOT of this Earth... "

The 'Cirque Du Mort' is a collection of ghostly circus performers with a story to tell. The images from this series are taken from Volume One of my original series self-published in 2015.

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Cards in this Series Edit

Core Cards Edit

8 Common (2000 prints each)

  • A Dance With Death
  • Ashes to Ashes
  • A Story Of Silence
  • Heads Will Roll
  • The Many Mythologies of Miranda Mason
  • The Patchwork Soul
  • The Three Needles
  • When I die...

5 Uncommon (1300 prints each)

  • Haunting Carousel
  • Revenge is Sweet
  • The Final Interview
  • The Lachenden Kinder
  • The Tragic Tale of The Janus Sisters

4 Rare (800 prints each)

  • Big Top Butterfly
  • Lady Phoenix
  • The Final Breath of Maiko Takumi
  • The Mermaid Girl

3 Very Rare (600 prints each)

  • Made For You
  • Never Forget
  • The Headless Magician

2 Extremely Rare (400 prints each)

  • Enter If You Dare...
  • The Bearded Beauty

Special Cards Edit

2 Chase (400 prints each)

  • Callista Azad
  • The Living Skeleton

1 Variant (300 prints)

  • Antoinette Bastien

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