Series Details Edit

Version of people around me in animal costumes :)

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Cards in this Series Edit

Core Cards Edit

3 Common (2000 prints each)

  • Hamster Van
  • Owl Sara
  • Rabbit Joseph

3 Uncommon (1300 prints each)

  • Cat Cathy
  • Cow Veni
  • Giraffe Hoong

2 Rare (800 prints each)

  • Bear Gawain
  • Chicken Alex

1 Very Rare (600 prints)

  • Squirrel Alvin

1 Extremely Rare (400 prints)

  • Koala Shelley

Special Cards Edit

1 Chase (800 prints)

  • Worm Julia

1 Variant (1000 prints)

  • Totoro Lee

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