Artist Details Edit

Chad Roble is a contributing artist on NeonMob.

A former child performer and currently an Extension Specialist at the University of the Philippines Los Baños, this native of Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines does art on his spare time.

For him, drawing started out from admiring the works of great comic book artists such as David Mack, Joe Madureira, Dave McKean, Kenneth Rocafort, and Alex Ross. His love for comics and other forms of graphic literature led him and his classmates to form the Graphic Literature Guild, a collective of students who aim to promote graphic literature within their immediate community. Though he doesn't have formal training, his passion for the arts has led him to explore drawing.

After 2 years of constant practice and exploration, he stumbled upon the work of Teniele Sadd and decided that he will pursue the dark, moderately macabre style of Neo-Traditional Tattoo art.

As of now, he does commissions for designs and tattoos though he is still currently apprenticing to be a full fledged tattoo artist. Most of his works are placed on his Facebook page and his Instagram.

On the side, he also maintains a YouTube channel for his games and music videos.

Series by Chad Roble Edit

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