Series Details Edit

Various Brazilian artists joined their art powers to illustrate a series of folkloric creatures from Brazilian myths.

All funds go to "Instituto TEAR" a Brazilian NGO that works since 1980's in the formation of artistic and cultural production.

Access TEAR at: (In Portuguese only)

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Special Notes Edit

Multiple Brazilian artists contributed their work to this charity set. These artists are:

Cards in this SeriesEdit

Core CardsEdit

7 Common (2000 prints each)

  • Cabra Cabriola by Carolina Assaf
  • Capelobo by Danilo Borges
  • Cuca by Marina Fraga Maia
  • Homem Do Saco by Arthur Rocha
  • Mapinguari, the Roaring Beast by Nicholas Cunha
  • Romãozinho by Igor Brito
  • Zumbi Da Meia Noite by Fernando De Sousa

7 Uncommon (1300 prints each)

  • Arranca Língua by Fernando De Sousa
  • Boto Cor-de-Rosa by Marina Fraga Maia
  • Cabeça Satânica by Danilo Borges
  • Caipora, the inhabitant of the woods by Arthur Rocha
  • Chibamba, the Dancing Ghost by Nicholas Cunha
  • Guaraná by Carolina Assaf
  • Saci-Pererê by Laura Santos

5 Rare (800 prints each)

  • Boitatá, the Running Fire by Paulo Graner
  • Cobra Honorato, the Great Snake. by Melody
  • Jurupari by Igor Brito
  • Mula-sem-cabeça by Luca Bussamra
  • Tupã, the Creator by Nicholas Cunha

3 Very Rare (600 prints each)

  • Bumba-meu-boi by Luca Bussamra
  • Curupira, the Forest Protector by Laura Santos
  • Iara, the Water Mother by Paulo Graner

2 Extremely Rare (400 prints each)

  • Comadre Fulozinha, the Woods Mother by Paulo Graner
  • Vitória-régia, the Moon Lover by Melody

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