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In the old days, before man, before dinosaurs, even before the blue-green ball we call Earth had fully developed its corporeal self, there were Bestial Spirits. Bestial Spirits lived in a country called Aludra, in a time when animals ruled the Earth. Animals still rule, to some extent, but a large portion of their old ways have been forgotten, and thus, most of the Bestial Spirits have been tamed. There are a few, however, who remember the old days and the old ways.

Bestial Spirits are conscious, self aware beings who create and inhabit their own bodies and live in the physical world. Bestial Spirits are very powerful, and although their power resembles what humans might call “magic,” it is something different entirely. Bestial Spirits rely on chi, or “life energy,” to generate their power, which, unfortunately, is most often used in battle. Southern Aludra is a place of war, where the ten large clans of Bestial Spirits battle for supremacy over territory in this mythical land. There is another clan, however, that does not participate in the wars of the southerners. Known as the Loner Clan, this northern group of spirits is a pacifistic, isolationist democracy, wherein the spirits live together peacefully. Respect is the most important virtue in this unique group of spirits, and every member must contribute in some way, or as a whole, they will not survive. Welcome to the Loner Clan.

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